What Makes A Bentley Special?

There aren’t many brands as rich in heritage as Bentley. It’s fair to say they have well and truly set the benchmark for luxury cars with a rich 100 year history, from winning Le Mans in 1927 to the supercars they are producing today. Their lasting success begs the question: what makes a Bentley so special?


The approach to design is undoubtedly what makes Bentley stand out amongst its contemporaries. The “powerline” of a single sharp edge, rising from the front wheel arch, through to the characteristic path down the side of the car is one of Bentley’s most distinctive features. In fact this “powerline” is so vital to the craftmanship that it is the first part a designer draws when producing a new vehicle. Bentley have always been focused on producing cars of the highest levels of bespoke luxury, with a design team of over 100 experts throughout the world.


Right from Bentley’s inception, they were innovators in engineering. This included improving performance of DFP cars by using lighter pistons made from copper and aluminium and as a result they won many races at Brooklands. By the 1950s, the Bentley R-Type Continental Coupe was the fastest 4-seater in production, with a top speed of 101.7mph.


Bentley won the Le Mans Grand Prix in 1924 and went on to claim the title for four consecutive years and continues to win a number of titles. More recently, Idris Elba broke the Flying Mile UK land speed record, hitting a top speed of 180.361mph in a Bentley GT Speed. However their achievements extend beyond the racetrack too. In 2014 Bentley became the first automotive manufacturer to be awarded triple Carbon Trust Standard after making significant reductions in emissions, water use and waste levels.

It’s clear from Bentley’s achievements in their engineering, design and performance that they have continued to innovate and produce exceptional vehicles across their almost century-long history. Here at Bentley Conversions, our technicians are committed to retaining Bentley’s innovative engineering and design features while adding bespoke modifications of your preference. Get in touch with us today on 020 8500 9228 to discuss your options.

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