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Bentley Continental GT/C 3 Spoke Steering Wheel

Just compare the two images of our recent upgrade. Update the look of your Bentley GT with the 3 spoke steering wheel. Fully programmed by our technicians.Cruise control, telephone and audio control and driver information at your fingertips. Available in

Bentley Supersport ISR

The Supersport ISR Exhaust. The sound you will be listening to is a genuine soundbite of the ISR exhaust fitted at our workshops. Now available for your Bentley GT/C and Speed from Bentleyconversions, the Bentley specialist.

Bentley Continental GT Angel Eyes Halo

Bentleyconversions have now developed a new concept in lighting. Upgrade your Bentley headlights with our Halo Angel Eye. 66 LED’s per ring with a fitted diffuser  providing 6000k or 8000k of  bright white light with a built in repeater. Totally error

Bentley GT Repairs

In this short video we show a Bentley Continental GTC that we recently repaired. Whilst considering repairs we refurbished the interior, added a vented bonnet and upgraded the headlights to Hid and Angel Eyes.  Our experienced technicians will cater for all your requirements

Bentley Continental GT ISR Exhaust

Originally developed by Bentley for ice trials, the ISR exhaust gives a deeper tone than the Continental series exhaust including the Supersports. Although not that distinguishable from the usual Bentley burble when at idle, the exhaust comes into its own when

Bentley GT Vented Wing

  Vented Wings Genuine Bentley Vented Front Wings. Fits GT, GTC, Speed and Supersport models.Sporting and distinctive. Sleek and Stylish. The Bentley vented wing.Right Hand and Left Hand wings complete with anodised air intake grilles Supplied, Fitted and Painted only

Bentley Vented Bonnet

Designed by our technicians at Bentleyconversions, the vented bonnet fits the GT and GTC. Stylish and funtional. For all your bespoke Bentley upgrades and packages contact  http://www.bentleyconversions.co.uk/.