Bentley Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics.

The Bentley Continental has a complex on-board computer which monitors and stores inter-related information which concerns the performance and safety of your vehicle. A warning light will show because your computer has sensed a signal from one of the systems or components that is outside of its normal operating range. Some of the signals may just be a simple warning that a door has not been closed properly to others that may be potentially harmful to your engine and ignoring these warnings can lead to serious issues such as component failure or engine malfunction.

Our trained technicians have the technology and equipment to diagnose these issues from investigating an engine warning light to a complete  diagnostic procedure which would include:

Retrieval of data.

Data and critical status records

Software version numbers

Computer codes and freeze frame numbers

Verification Testing.

Mechanical testing

Electrical testing

Fuel system and emissions system testing

Engine vacuum/back-pressure testing

Pinpoint testing.

Visual inspections of possible problem area

Performing mechanical and electrical tests

Cross referencing


Performing manufacturer updates

Electrical and mechanical rectification and cleaning

Component replacement

Electrical repair or replacement

Full Diagnostics Procedure from only £90 plus vat.

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