• Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion 3 Spoke Steering Wheel Upgrade
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Tinted rear lights
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Supersport Exhaust tips
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Preparing for colour change and Supersport conversion
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Retro fit reversing camera
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Wheel Refurbishment
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Bentley Specialist
  • Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion Bentley Supersport Conversion

Bentley GTC Supersport Conversion

Bentley GT Supersport Conversion.

Bodykit: Supersport front bumper and black grilles, Supersport rear bumper and diffuser, Rear boot spoiler, Supersport vented bonnet, Black headlamp rings.

Bodywork: Colour change from Titanium Silver to White.

Lighting: Full HiD headlight upgrade, Angel Eyes, Leds to door mirrors and rear number plate lights. Rear lights were tinted 20%.

Wheels: Change original Mulliner wheels to Supersport and refurbish further complimented with brake caliper refurbishment.

Mechanical: Full Service. Through exhaust with Supersports large bore exhaust tips.

Interior: 3 spoke steering wheel upgrade and rear view park assist camera.

The Bentley GTC arrived in its original Titanium Silver paintwork. Our customers direction was a complete colour change to white which is quite a process as every panel,with fittings, requires removal to attain a perfect colour transition. The GT  bumpers were upgraded to Supersport style and the bonnet vented. To the rear our very popular colour coded boot deck spoiler was added.  In keeping with the black grilles and headlight rings  the chromework was also changed to black, leaving clean lines. Still with the exterior the refurbished wheels were changed and sized up to 21″ rims set off by the refurbished brake calipers, exterior lighting was changed to full Xenon bulb lighting with added Angels Eyes set against Black light. 

To the interior the original steering wheel was changed to the far sportier 3 spoke wheel in matching Beluga Black leather. Sheepskin rugs added a little opulence. On the electronic side a reverse camera and Bluetooth connectivity was the order of the day. HOST