• Bentley GT LED Lighting Upgrades Puddle Lights
  • Bentley GT LED Lighting Upgrades Led Lighting Upgrade

Bentley GT LED Lighting Upgrades

Bentley Angel Eyes and  Exterior Led Lighting.

A common criticism of the Bentley Continental is the lighting, the dim, headlights and the yellowish sidelights lend a very dated look and are not as efficient as they possibly could be. Bentley themselves have acknowledged this with the facelift of the second generation 2011 onwards model. But what can be done for the earlier models ? Well there are options available as shown fitted to this upgrade in our Essex and East London bodyshop.
To the front of the GT the original  5000k Bi-Xenon headlights were upgraded to full Xenon with the option of 6000k/8000k Xenon bulbs, the yellow sidelights where replaced with 501 Leds. Now as things go this is quite a change but nothing too apparent, this all changes when the Angel Eyes are fitted. Configured to work as DRL’s the Angels are quite stunning both day and night. The headlights are now transformed, efficient, pure white and visually appealing.The door mirrors and rear number plates we also upgrade to LED’s keeping parity with the headlights.
As an optional extra the sill panels were fitted with puddle lights, again they are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The puddle lights operate via the key-less entry system, illuminating the ground beneath and any possible remains that one would wish to avoid stepping into.

If you are considering upgrading your Bentley continental why not give us a call. HOST