• Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Bespoke rear bumper
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Xenon headlight upgrade
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Mansory Front Bumper with DRL's
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion LED Puddle lights
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Brake Refurbishment
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Bentley Angel Eyes
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Bentley Vented Bonnet
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Stripped interior ready for interior design
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Bentley Interior Styling
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Rear floor lighting
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Padded roof lining centre
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Led footwell lights
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Bentley Mulliner gear knob
  • Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion Interior upgrade

Bentley Flying Spur Mansory Conversion


Bentley Flying Spur Conversion :

Bespoke upgrade package includes:

Exterior Bodywork: Complete colour change from silver to pearlescent white. Our paint technicians formulated the pearl finish for the Spur, we wanted a subtle pearl, four swatches were made before the final choice was made.  The Bentley was put through our own workshop and completely stripped down and minor body repairs undertaken before the process of priming and painting. Once painted the vehicle was oven baked and ready for the body kit.The vehicle was de-chromed to black with matching headlight bezel rings. Rear lights and windows were also tinted.

Body Kit: The Mansory  front bumper  was a must have for the owner, he had seen the bumper on one of our previous Bentley conversion “Ice” and wondered if it would fit his Flying Spur, with a few alterations it fitted perfectly. This made the rear bumper look very sedate and much out of place with the new aggressive looking front. As there is nothing on the market available for a Spur rear end we took the existing bumper, copied across the general feel of the front bumper  and produced a more angular look.  The older shaped main grill was replaced with the later 2010 Grille, again because of the more angular lines,  Bonnet vents were then installed,which completed the bulk of the bodywork .

Interior: The original black  interior leather was upgraded to Mulliner diamond red seat inserts with a contrast stitch and embroidered logo, the door pads and overhead consol and dash follow suit with contrast stitch . The gear knob was replaced with a retrimmed Mulliner Sports gear shift. .The original wheel was retained but I thing the conversion would have greatly benefited with the 3 spoke steering wheel. The wood veneer was updated to Piano Black and refinished in our workshops.

Audio and DVD : The boot area on a Spur is quite substantial which is just as well as a massive output sub-woofer was the order of the day. The rear seat rest had fitted screens to which to play the PS4 games consol. The existing capabilities of the Bentley are limited and the fittment of a HDMI / stereo converter with associated leads and fittings are required for the PlayStation to actually be read and played.

Tracking: Simple and effective… a really nifty device, ring fence your car, set a speed limit, car location, no yearly subscriptions.

Lighting:, The upgraded lighting  was again with  Angel eyes and Full HiD  Xenon bulb Headlight Conversion Kit with black light lens. All bulbs are replaced with LEDs for parity as the LED light upgrade continued through to Door Mirrors and number plate lights. In addition to the exterior Led lighting  the addition of puddle lights were fitted at sill level. the puddles are activated by the Kessy (Keyless Entry System) which illuminate as you approach. The front bumper has the addition also of DRL’s set into the front bumper. As regards to the interior, the front footwells and rear underseats are bathed in red leds, whilst the re-timmed overhead padded console is outlined with low output led piping.

Mechanical: Refurbished brake calipers which were colour coded to match the exterior paintwork  which continues the thread throughout the vehicle. To achieve a wider street look  we lowered the suspension to its limit and added 10mm spacers to the front and 20mm to the rear. The original exhaust was modified to include through back boxes which reverberated with a deep rumble.

Wheels: The customer elected for the Khan design 22″ rims. We refurbished the wheel again to match the black de-chroming, The TPM’s where tranferred from the original wheel.

We are often asked what can be done to improve the looks of the Flying Spur. Exterior wise, as with the GT, Angel Eyes and full HiD lighting is a start plus headlight bezels, interior wise seating upgrades, after that you need to think a little more radical to toughen up the looks. Above is an outline of the conversion, what this does not tell you is the thought behind the upgrade, nor the custom made parts were non where available. The guys enjoy the challenge, they are to a man very experienced in their trade, at least 25 years per staff member. Whilst we obviously have the customers directions, each conversion undertaken is considered as a one off. Ideas are discussed between us and then pitched to the customer for his feedback, this is fine tuning and it gets the best results. This was not an everyday Bentley Conversion but again this is not and everyday Flying Spur.