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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Upgrade

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Upgrade:

Lighting: Angel Eyes and Xenon bulb HiD kit upgrade. A very popular upgrade for the Bentley Flying Spur, GT and GTC, we have now fitted countless Angels Eyes to customers vehicles. With this particular upgrade we also added the “Halo”, designed by Bentley Conversions, the additional integrated lighting acts as a repeater light when used to great effect. When fitting this  Bentley headlight modification we also upgrade to a full led bulb package. The original headlamp is Bi-Xenon, one Xenon and one Halogen, we remove the existing bulbs and refit with ballast driven Xenon bulbs, the yellowish looking sidelight is also replaced with Led to give complete lighting parity.

Interior:  Again a very popular upgrade is the 3 spoke steering wheel. As this is a bespoke item we are able to trim this wheel to direct specifications. In this instance the requirements were for Beluga Black leather airbag and inner rim with Piano black wheel rim. The wheel is configured and fitted in our Essex and East London bodyshop for perfect fingertip control.

DVD and Audio : The DVD changer is nicely tucked away in the rear luggage are and fully accessible. The Alpine monitors were built into the rear of the front seat headrests for passenger viewing of both the DVD and the also newly installed digital TV.

Phone Connectivity: The hands free kit will operate with all current iPhones and has the facility for software upgrades to future iPhones. The Bluetooth  screenless system blends seamlessly with wireless remote control which can be located in most desired positions, on the steering wheel , dashboard or a concealed place and allows the driver to control all the functions of the hands free kit.

In addition to conventional telephony functions – pick up, hang up calls – the hands free kit boasts cutting-edge telephone  functions and instant voice recognition from your phone book, there is no need for a screen – the kit offers a voice menu for accessing its functions with automatic phonebook synchronisation for speech contact.

To ensure optimal audio quality when on the phone, the hands free kit combines double microphone technology with new signal processing software (DSP-3) that eliminates background and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the car. For maximum listening quality, conversations are reproduced through the vehicle’s existing speakers. HOST