Mood lighting for your Bentley

Owning a Bentley is a unique experience and driving one undoubtedly makes you stand out from pretty much every other vehicle on the road.

However there are additional, interior modifications which can make the entire driving experience more enjoyable, as well as giving the inside of your vehicle a slick transformation. Mood lighting is one way to instantly change the ambience and appearance of your car, while highlighting all of the best aspects of your interior.

Here at Bentley Conversions in Essex, we have a variety of subtle and relaxing mood lights which can be fitted neatly into your foot wells, courtesy lights, vanity lights, map reading lights, luggage compartments and glove compartments. These are offered in an array of colours, which enhances spatial perception and makes the interiors look extremely high in quality. The discreet lights also complement the white illumination of switches and buttons in your car, creating a stylish appearance.

These gentle ambient lights have actually been proven to increase safety as well.

Designers at Ford have stated that the lighting can be used as a driver-to-driver communication tool. Certain levels or combinations of lights and colours activate enzymes in the brain, which trigger differing emotional responses. This, in turn, can have a calming effect which may lead to a smoother, safer drive, while potentially helping to prevent impulsive road rage and anger towards other drivers.

Further results from a BMW study have also shown that mood lighting can decrease night time driving fatigue, which could make late night journeys safer for you and your passengers.

The ability to dim or brighten interior lighting is an important feature of the mood lighting, meaning at night time the brightness can be reduced and when you need to take a look at a map you can ramp up the intensity.

If you’re looking for a slick way of enhancing the look and feel of your Bentley, adding some mood lighting to your interior could be the perfect solution.

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