Bentley Tinting and De-Chroming

Bentley Window Tint

Window Tinting

Window tinting protects the privacy of the occupants, reduces glare from the sun and can lower the interior temperature of your vehicle by 60% during the summer month by blocking 99% of those damaging rays.

Your upholstery will be glad of it too. Harmful UV rays and excessive heat can cause the upholstery to fade and crack.

For your Bentley we have a choice of 4 transparencies from 5% to 50% light.  Only £320 + VAT for GT model


De-chromed trim


Give your Bentley the colour-coded look by de-chroming. Window trims, exterior handles
sill and bumper trims. The process is fully reversible a usually a same day service. De-chroming package only £420 + VAT

Bentley smoked lights



Smoked Rear Lights

Reminiscent of the Bentley Supersport, the smoked tail lights are the perfect affordable yet effective upgrade. Definitely more bang for your buck. Only £95 plus vat per pair.


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