Bentley Headlight Rings & Tail Light Trims

The important final attention to detail can make all the difference. The headlight bezel fits snugly enhancing the contoured lines of the bodywork.
Will Fit Bentley Continental GT/GTC models from 2004 to 2011. Available also for the Flying Spur 2005 to 2011.


bentley GT angel eyes, hid kit

Bentley headlight bezels, bentley headlamp rings, bentley headlight rings

Available in
£225.00 set of 4              Gloss Black / Satin Black
£245.00 set of 4             Chrome finish
£285 set of 4 *                Chrome finish
(* exclusive only to Flying Spur)



Bentley Continental rear tail lights trim finishers

Rear tail lights trims 2004 to 1010

Generation 1:Tail light trims
Available in 3D chrome and Black. Why not consider a rear light tint also. Fits GT and GTC

2004 to 2010

£185.00          2 x Rear lamp trims in chrome

£225.00          2 x Rear lamp trims in Black


Generation 2 Tail light Trims:

Fits 2012 to 2016 Generation 2 model.
Previously this upgrade would necessitate the expensive replacement of the complete rear light unit, this option reduces the outlay cost by almost 75%.

Bentley Continental Gen 2 rear light trim upgrade

Available in 3D chrome and Black

Available in either 3D chrome or Black.
£265.00 plus vat.






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Add the finishing touch for the rear GT and GTC light housings with chrome trim.Looks especially good with tinted rear lamps    £185.00 a pair

Prices subject to vat
Non OEM part