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Bentley Angel Eyes, Bentley Angel Eye headlights

Angel Eyes headlights

Angel Eye Headlights: 

Bentley Conversion’s LED Angel Eyes are of the highest quality, guaranteeing maximum impact. Durable, stunning. Each of the four rings has 66 SMD’s encased within it’s own diffuser housing. Unlike halogen bulbs, which use a filament that degrades over time, LEDs are simply semiconductors with no wear-and-tear parts, LEDs also require less electricity than halogen bulbs, reducing CO2 emissions and drain on the battery. And the light produced by LEDs is much closer to daylight, making it easier on the eye and reducing glare. Day or night Angel Eyes look not only stunning but opulent. Fully tested, we believe these are the very best available on the market and exclusive to Bentley Conversions customers.LED’s provide safety whilst driving at night with 8,000k of clean bright white light.

Fitted on site by our experienced technicians. Fully tested, guaranteed error free and configured to DRL specifications. £875 plus vat. We include a headlamp glass refurbishment in all our headlight packages.

Why not consider the following additions:
The Halo:

Bentley Flying Spur Halo LED Lighting

Bentley Halo

A striking addition to our lighting range, the Bentley Halo Angel Eye upgrade is a pure white LED circle with an integrated “Halo” replacing the repeater light function.Only an additional £175.00 plus vat.

See the Halo video here.





The Black Headlight:


Bentley Satin Black Bezel

Black Light headlight

This is not a headlamp tint, the upgrade requires the full dismantlement of the headlight. The interior of the lamp is then refinished in black, representative of the iconic Supersport.  This can be undertaken as a stand alone modification but if you are considering the fitment of Angel Eyes then this would be the ideal time as we offer a favorable discount. The Black Light upgrade is £295.00 and discounted to £100 plus vat when in conjunction with Angel Eye upgrades.

Bentley HID Xenon Kits:  
Our Full HiD headlight conversion replaces the original bi-xenon bulb. It is a pure canbus system, plug and play with no on board computer errors. The UV cut quartz HiD Xenon bulb is also a key feature as it stops premature fading on newer plastic headlamp lens and consists of;

•2 x slim line canbus Pro Ballast  •2 x UV cut quartz glass HiD Xenon bulb. •Mounting aids. We also include the T10 LED sidelight and 501 LED  upgrade to fully compliment the headlight package free of charge. Why? The original Bentley bulb fitment appears yellow next to our superior upgrade, we feel this is not appropriate to our level of service and customer satisfaction, therefore all relevant bulbs are renewed.  £415.00 plus vat supplied and fitted. or we have an offer price of  £185 plus vat when fitted in conjunction with the Angel Eye Upgrade.

We also offer an additional postal  service for our mainland UK and overseas customers for the Angel Eye headlamp upgrade.  Forward your headlight direct to us. You can be confident that your new product will be fitted and thoroughly tested by our technicians before returning. We also include a headlight lens refurbishment at no additional charge. £495 plus vat.

 Puddle Lights:

Bentley puddle light

Fitted as an addition to sill covers, the puddle lights can be key or switch activated. As the name suggest the lights are sill mounted and illuminate the ground underneath the vehicle which illuminate as you approach. Functional and visually effective.
Watch the puddle lights in operation here
Fully installed £450.00 plus vat        


Ghost Laser Lights:

Additional lighting for your Bentley in the form of our Ghost Laser Lights.

Bentley Ghost Laser Lights

Bentley Ghost Laser Lights

Self operating, reflecting the iconic Bentley logo on the ground below. A very effective detail and a superb addition when fitting Puddle lights. Fully installed by our technicians for £95.00 plus vat





Bentley Door

Upgrade your Door Mirrors to LED

Complete the upgrade of the exterior lighting to LED.

Door Mirrors, Rear Number Plates fully inclusive of fitting £60 plus vat




Interior Mood Lighting.

Upgrade your interior lighting with our Led mood lighting. Available in a choice of subtle colours to enhance the interior of your Bentley.

Bentley Interior Led mood lighting

Integrated Sat-Nav and Bluetooth

Fully fitted £250.00 plus vat








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Electrical parts warranty as per our Terms & Conditions. Please note that the Bentley Continental has been known  from manufacture, to suffer from moisture build within the headlight, in fact this is an issue shared with other vehicle manufacturers and is well documented on many forums on the internet, therefore we regret that we do not offer a warranty to this effect nor accept responsibility should this arise. In all cases please also avoid using pressure washers on or around your headlights. HOST