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Bentley Infotainment Sat-Nav System Upgrade:

The Bentley Continental first produced in 2004 is a beautiful cars, however technology has advanced leaving the factory infotainment Sa-Nav and smartphone connectivity very much outdated. Therefore Bentley Conversions are proud to offer a replacement upgrade of the original factory infotainment system with one of the latest most sophisticated Touch Screen Infotainment Satellite Navigation systems available. All the original controls on your Bentley are integrated into new system, including speakers and steering wheel controls. This upgrade is must for all Bentley owners, providing more up to date features than the new Generation 2 Bentley Continental and more importantly great functionality & connectivity to enhance your driving experience.

Just have a look below at some of the fantastic features that come with this Bentley infotainment system upgrade;

 High Resolution Touch Screen: Bentley Touch Screen

The 7-inch high-resolution display allows full operation of the system via touch-screen technology and features the latest video technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience. The user interface is very intuitive and is designed to perfectly integrate into your Bentley. You’ll soon appreciate the ease of use and convenience of direct touch operation.

Navigation Perfected: Bentley Sat Nav

View maps in 3D with detailed buildings and landmarks. This feature helps you to better orientate yourself in big cities. Speed limit indicator display and Speed Camera alert (upload via USB, third party poi) give you further driving assistance.


Advanced Address Input – You can input postal codes for all European countries, including 7-digit UK codes, which makes searching for addresses quicker. The system even reads partial addresses. Select your own language from 33 different keypads, including Cyrillic and Greek.


One Look Display Bentley One Look Displaythe innovative “One Look” split-screen technology allows the driver to view the navigation map and audio playback information at one glance. This eliminates the need to switch between different applications. You can switch from full screen to One Look view with just a swipe on the display. This function is especially useful on long trips.


TMC Route Guidance – Lane Guidance-lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in, while Dynamic TMC Route Guidance provides live traffic information for avoiding traffic jams and recalculates the route if necessary.


Points of Interest – You can easily search for POIs by category, name, distance and other criteria. This is very helpful when looking for restaurants or petrol stations nearby. Restaurant information includes the phone number next to the address and food type – with a quick tap on the screen you can call ahead and reserve a table.

Built-in Bluetooth® Technology:Bentley Bluetooth Technology

The built-in Bluetooth® module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication, while frequent software updates ensure full compatibility with the latest phones. A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio streaming from the phone: audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to the unit.

Big Screen Entertainment:

The infotainment system allows you to enjoy movies from different sources, such as DVDs, USB sticks, the latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices (optional cables or adapters are required). For driving safety the video playback feature is only available if the vehicle is not in motion.
Bentley Digital Connection


This Product will fit the following model/s:

  • Bentley Continental GT/GTC (2003-10)
  • Bentley Flying Spur (2005-2012)
  • Bentley’s with factory fitted digital tv or reversing cameras will require additional modules to retain functionality, additional cost will apply.

Fully installed £3355 plus vat (including warranty)

Please note that DAB is new to vehicles and so can be intermittent.

Optional Extra’s

Parking Assistance rear-view camera: Bentley GT Upgrades, Bentley rear view cameraThe rear-view camera system provides parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology. The rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing. You not only have a clear view to the rear, you can also see useful distance guides for easier parking.

£495 plus vat (Usually £750 plus vat, limited offer while stocks last)


Parking Assistance rear multi-view camera:Bentley Multi Camera

The rear-view multi-view camera has cutting edge technology with advanced image processor that is capable of altering viewing angles and increasing the number of viewing options including corner views and adding graphic guidelines to the camera image. Easily switch between the many viewing options using the touch screen.

£950 plus vat




Digital TV on the Go:Bentley Digital TVEnjoy digital TV broadcast in the comfort of your car with latest digital TV Receiver giving you access to most Freeview channels, including radio.


£500 plus vat


Smartphone Mirroring:

Mirror your Smartphone screen on to your new infotainment system, transferring the audio and video of your smart phone or tablet (live screen) to your infotainment screen. With this upgrade you can enjoy applications & contents of your smart phone in your car, such as:

  • Music listening and video watching (YouTube WILL NOT work for iPhone users)
  • Internet Browsing
  • Gaming

£250 plus vat

Please note that using your phone whilst driving is illegal and that we are not responsible for any actions,civil or otherwise should this be ignored.

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