Bentley Services
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Bentley Services

Accident Repair

Bentley Bodywork Repair

Your Bentley is a wonderfully designed machine. Unfortunately that image can easily be tarnished by minor car scratch repair, dent removal and car paint damage to the bodywork. Even the most careful owner can come into contact with an environment which can cause unsightly damage.
In the event of this occurrence, our trained technicians have the expertise to repair your vehicle with our highly specialist equipment.

Approved by leading insurance companies and the O.F.T. (Office of Fair Trading).

Bentley Conversions are renown for both our customer service and the exceptional quality of our repairs. As a company we carry out work from repairs to full refurbishment or refinishing. Regardless of the work you require, private or insurance; we can assure you it will carry our no quibble guarantee.

Our estimates are computer generated as we believe in fair pricing, we are confident that we offer a first class service at competitive prices without a compromise of quality.

We offer a collection and delivery service, whilst also operating a recovery service for those who have broken down or have had an accident that resulted in a vehicle that cannot be driven.

Bentley Scratch and Dent Removal

Keep your Bentley Continental as the day it left the factory.That mark may look like minor exterior damage; but repairs are important to prevent further deterioration, which could ultimately have a serious effect on your car’s appearance and resale value.

Blemish and scratch removal: Sometimes we can remove scratches and blemishes without costly repainting by using today’s paint repair technology. We return your Bentley to its original factory finish – usually within the same day!

PDR/Smart repair: We also remove small parking dents and marks using our PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) system. Our technicians are fully trained in this procedure, which is an inexpensive same day process.

How much? Forward an image of your damaged panel(s) to us and we will be pleased to provide a free estimate for scratch and blemish removal and also PDR repairs.

Bentley Servicing and Mechanical

Bentley Air Conditioning

Your air-conditioning system should be checked annually for refrigerant loss. On average, a system will lose between 10% and 15% per year through natural usage, making your system less efficient. However if this loss is due to a leakage it can also lead to expensive replacement of parts. You can avoid this expensive mistake when you have your annual service; our technicians perform a dye test to seek out any leaks followed by an environmentally friendly full evacuation and recharge of the system complete with anti-bacteria leaving your vehicle fresh and clean for only £139.00 plus vat

The air conditioning in your Bentley contains gas and is contained inside an airtight area. The system is activated by the compressor. As it’s pressurized, it gets hotter by absorbing the heat around it. This hot gas is then distributed through a series of tubes that expend the heat. The gas can lose lots of its warmth when you abate the pressure. As it cools it becomes a liquid which produces the cold air from your air conditioning.

The air conditioning system is made up of a compressor(which takes the refrigerant) the condenser(which cools the refrigerant) an evaporator (which forces cold air into your vehicle)valves (which regulate the temperature). and an accumulator (which filters off moisture and any unwanted products).

Bentley GT Headlight Refurbishments

We offer a free headlight refurbishment with all our headlight upgrades, with this process we remove scratches, surface chips and yellowing to the headlamp exterior plastic leaving an as new look.

Just require a headlight refurbishment ? why not book now, only £45 plus vat.

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