Bentley modifications and updates at Bentley Conversions, Essex

Bentleys will probably never go out of fashion however, as with any vehicle, aspects of your Bentley’s interior and exterior styling will undoubtedly look outdated over time. Staying on trend with simple modifications and updates will keep your Bentley looking fresh and stylish, while ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience every time.

Here at Bentley Conversions, Essex, we have a wide variety of bespoke personalisations which can be added to enhance your Bentley’s appearance and performance. Here are some of the modifications we offer here at our Ilford garage.

Angel eye LED headlights

The first model of the Bentley GT was produced in 2004 and, as great as it looked, there were some elements which quickly became outdated. These models were factory fitted with a bi-Xenon headlight incorporating a 500k xenon bulb and halogen bulb, while the sidelight was a single incandescent bulb which gave off a yellowish light.

Bentley Conversions can transform these less attractive lights with a full Angel Eye headlight upgrade, these are LED rings which run without getting too hot and use little energy, meaning they last much longer. The LEDs also give off a pure white light, ensuring a clean, uniform finish with a stunning halo look. The final touch to the headlights is the chrome bezel rings, which are a subtle addition, but make a significant difference to the overall appearance.

Body kits

With Bentley Conversions, we can tailor body kit modifications to your individual preference, so whether you’re interested in installing a vented bonnet, vented wings or maybe a boot spoiler, we can help. The full installation includes recessing the vents into your current bodywork, once installed the modification is completed by a full repainting to give that factory-finish appearance.

We provide a wide range of Bentley modifications and repairs here at Bentley Conversions, however we are always happy to try new approaches and ideas depending on our customers’ specifications. If you would like to discuss your bespoke upgrades and available packages, get in touch with our Essex-based Bentley garage today on 020 8500 9228.

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