Bentley Headlamp Misting Problem

The Bentley GT seems to suffer from a minor problem, that of the headlights misting. In later models the manufacturers added a vent which unfortunately made little or no difference. It also seems that the nearside (LH) headlight suffers from this problem more so than the offside (RH).
Headlight seal failure is another matter altogether and if left will corrode the headlamp ballasts causing complete failure of the unit itself. A replacement headlight will then be the only viable option. Before this happens we would advise removal of the headlight and the unit forwarded to ourselves for seal renewal, this is also a time to consider an upgrade to our Angel Eyes.

We believe that we offer the best Angel Eye headlight upgrade available on the market today. Fully bench tested, 66 LED’s providing 8000k of clear,powerful white beam. We are also designers of the Halo headlight upgrade with the integrated repeater lamp.

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and HiD conversion.

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