Bentley Exterior Styling with Bentley Conversions, Essex

When it comes to body modifications for your Bentley, styles and designs are constantly changing. Here are some of the exterior modifications we can provide to ensure your Bentley is always keeping up with the most stylish looks.

Vented wings and bonnet

There’s nothing quite like a vented wing to give your Bentley a sleek and stunning finish. We can provide genuine Bentley front wings complete with anodised air intake grilles for GT, GTC, Speed and Supersport models. As for vented bonnets, we install our exclusive six-part vent kit using the current bonnet, right through to the high gloss finish.

Boot spoilers

Boot spoilers can give your Bentley a subtle and sophisticated fitting. The contoured shape of the spoiler will give your Bentley an elegant finish, while enhancing the original lines of the bodywork.

Vehicle wrapping

Vinyl wrapping allows you to transform the colour and appearance of your car by the application of sheets of vinyl to each panel of your Bentley, while also providing protection from stone chips and fading for your existing paintwork. It’s a fully reversible process too and is available in a wide selection of styles and finishes.

Window tinting and de-chroming

Window tinting means the privacy of the occupants is protected, while also reducing glare from the sun and lowering internal temperatures on hot days. Tinted windows can also prevent damage from UV rays to your upholstery. De-chroming window trims, exterior handle sills and bumper trims will also give your Bentley a colour-coded and exclusive look.

Headlight rings and tail light trims

Headlight rings and tail light trims can give that final attention to detail and transform the look of your Bentley’s lights. The trims are available in gloss black, satin black and chrome finishes.

Here at Bentley Conversions in Essex, we ensure that our range of products are constantly updated, providing our customers with greater choice, whilst complementing your Bentley’s current styling.

We always take the utmost care when it comes to choosing our products so you know your chosen modification will have been tried and tested beforehand. Get in touch with our Bentley specialists today for more information on 020 8500 9228.

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