Bentley Continental Angel Eyes and HiD Upgrades

One of our most popular upgrades is the Angel Eyes and Hid Xenon headlight package, and with very good reason. Originally the Bentley Continental was manufactured with Bi-Xenon headlights,(one Xenon and one Halogen to each headlight) and the output was approx 500K each headlamp, this leads to a very common complaint among Bentley drivers of  poor lighting. However with our Hid full Xenon bulb upgrade you now have between 1200k  and 1600k to illuminate the road depending on the power you elect to go for. We also offer the Angel Eye upgrade which is simply stunning. The Angels are usually set up as daytime running lights (DRL’s) and look superb day or night. There are plenty of LED options  available such as the Halo integrated repeater for your Bentley so why not browse our website or give us a call to discuss your vehicle.

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