Advantages of Air Conditioning Recharge: Part Two

Summer has begun! And with everyone embarking on long car trips to exciting destinations, your air conditioning system is one of the most vital parts in making the journey a successful one. Admittedly, at other points in the year, the air conditioning system is not the most important feature of a car. However, the unexpected hot weather currently means that people need to keep cool whilst driving.

Without even thinking, we all switch on the air conditioning in our car as soon as we get in, but it is important to know that the system can fade over time. However, don’t worry! Bentley Conversions offer an air conditioning recharge service which allows your air conditioning to be maintained throughout the year. When you first buy your brand new Bentley, you press the magic button and the car reflects the temperature of a perfectly air conditioned room. However, over time the refrigerant weakens leaving a small flow of hot air being blown in your face, which is not ideal. This is where Bentley Conversion step in and recharges your air conditioning.

Another reason why it’s important to make sure your air conditioning works smoothly is in case of traffic jams. After all, nobody wants to be on a long car journey with a faulty air conditioning system. Being stuck in a car for a long time is a painful situation, especially on a hot summer’s day. By making sure your air conditioning service is working, you are ensuring yourself less hassle and can therefore enjoy the summer without any worries.

Keeping up to date with your air conditioning service is important as it’s not an aspect of your annual MOT. Unfortunately, your vehicle’s air conditioning can sometimes cause an unusual smell. If so, not only does this cause a nasty aroma to fill up your car, but it can also be harmful to you.

Many of us leave our air conditioning off throughout the winter months, then when summer comes we turn it back on – without considering the freshness of the filters. The reason behind this is foul smell is the air conditioner’s evaporator, which creates heat and moisture. It makes the perfect habitat for bacteria and mould, potentially causing illness to you and your passengers. A way to avoid this is by checking regularly that the air con is debugged, ensuring there is no bacteria.

If you still have any questions about our air conditioning recharge, just ask one of our trained technicians in our Essex garage. Or get in touch with us on 020 8500 9228 for more information about our services for Bentley’s.

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