Advantages of Air Conditioning Recharge for Your Bentley

As your Bentley’s air conditioning system starts to age, you may notice the freshness deteriorating. Whenever your air conditioning is in operation, moisture in the air will condense on the system’s cold surfaces. Whilst most of this moisture drains away, some can be leftover – ruining your air conditioning system.

As Bentley specialists, Bentley Conversions offer a servicing facility, which allows your air conditioning system to be maintained and checked throughout the year. If there are any problems, our qualified technicians will address and repair before the issue becomes serious.

Still not convinced you need regularly servicing on your air conditioning? Take a look at the many advantages of recharging your air-con this year:

  1. A more aerodynamic car – With the air conditioning system on full blast, you can keep your windows closed – even in a heatwave! This means that your vehicle’s aerodynamics are at optimum levels, increasing the safety of you and your passengers and reducing exterior noise.
  2. Say goodbye to ‘sweating out’ a traffic jam – There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day without sufficient air conditioning. Sweaty armpits, irritable children, exhaust fumes seeping in through open windows – these are a distant memory with cooling air-con.
  3. Helps save you money on fuel – It’s common belief that air conditioning drains huge amounts of your fuel, but this isn’t true! While it’s not particularly economical to use your air-con driving ten minutes up the road, air conditioning will barely affect your fuel consumption on longer journeys. In fact, using your air conditioning is likely to save you money if you were to otherwise open the car windows.
  4. Safer driving – Unfortunately, too many traffic accidents are caused by over-tiredness and a loss of concentration. If you find yourself feeling a little drowsy at the wheel, we recommend blasting your air conditioning for cleaner, fresher air. This is bound to wake you up and leave you feeling fresh and alert for the journey. (If this does persist however, it is recommended you stop somewhere safe and take a break from driving.)
  5. Demists windscreen – It is vital that you are able to see through your windscreen and other glass in your vehicle. After all, a film of mist is likely to impair your vision and you could cause a serious accident. Use the air conditioning to demist your windscreen, side glass and rear screen, as the system is built to evaporate moisture in the air.

If you still have any questions about our air conditioning recharge, just ask one of our trained technicians in our Essex garage. Or get in touch with us on 020 8500 9228 for more information about our services for Bentley’s.

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