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Caring For Your Bentley – Part 1

Drive with care  It may not be very exciting but to maintain the lifespan of your vehicle and of course, avoid crashing, drive with care. Your Bentley will reward you with longer intervals without repair. Avoid racing your engine when

Bentley GT Sport Conversion

Another Bentley GT conversion,”Cloud” almost complete from our Essex based workshops. This modification includes Angel Eyes, Supersport look facelift front bumpers, 2010 Package Grille Assembly in Dark Chrome, Rear Bumper and Sports Exhaust tips , Vented bonnet, LED exterior light upgrades and frontal

Bentley Breakdown Recovery and Repairs

If it is mechanical then it can breakdown. This also applies to the well engineered Bentley Continental GT. We have a recommended recovery service for Bentley and Porsche should the unthinkable occur. We also have trained technicians to deal with the issues on

Bentley GT Repairs

In this short video we show a Bentley Continental GTC that we recently repaired. Whilst considering repairs we refurbished the interior, added a vented bonnet and upgraded the headlights to Hid and Angel Eyes.  Our experienced technicians will cater for all your requirements

Bentley Continental GT ISR Exhaust

Originally developed by Bentley for ice trials, the ISR exhaust gives a deeper tone than the Continental series exhaust including the Supersports. Although not that distinguishable from the usual Bentley burble when at idle, the exhaust comes into its own when