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Bentley Wheel Refurbishment Essex

Keeping your Bentley’s wheels in pristine condition is vital to ensure the appearance of your car remains sleek and perfectly-finished. No matter how careful you are with your Bentley, sometimes pothole damage, kerb damage and scratches to your wheels are

mood lightening in bentleys

Mood lighting for your Bentley

Owning a Bentley is a unique experience and driving one undoubtedly makes you stand out from pretty much every other vehicle on the road. However there are additional, interior modifications which can make the entire driving experience more enjoyable, as

What Makes A Bentley Special?

There aren’t many brands as rich in heritage as Bentley. It’s fair to say they have well and truly set the benchmark for luxury cars with a rich 100 year history, from winning Le Mans in 1927 to the supercars

Repairing your Bentley

SMART repairs for your Bentley

If you own a Bentley, you’ll know that it’s vital to keep your vehicle in premium condition. This is essential for maintaining the luxurious appearance, but also for preserving the value of your car. Minor accidents are often unavoidable, and